About Us

BitRush is a technology company focused mainly on the development of cryptographic payment systems and their application in various services. BitRush is a publicly traded company on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) in Toronto.


Our Mission

We believe it is time to bring to the world a new standard of cryptographic payment systems (CGPS) based on the blockchain technology.

Our philosophy is that everybody should have the opportunity to tap into the true power of the newest financial technologies: instant and secure transactions, ease of access to funds, intuitive controls, and privacy.

What we do

We design and develop cryptographic payment systems

We design and develop cryptographic payment systems

We are engineers, software developers, cyclists… people. We design our cryptographic technology first and foremost for people of the 21st century, keeping in mind security and convenience.
We bring cryptographic payments into day-to-day life

We bring cryptographic payments into day-to-day life

Our CGPS will feature its own payment card, so that you can use your account in your everyday life when a computer or a smartphone isn’t at hand.
We will provide our CGPS to existing developers

We will provide our CGPS to existing developers

You can become a partner and use our cryptographic payment system on your platform. Integration will be easy thanks to a well-documented API!

CGPS Payments

CGPS will be a super-secure cryptographic payment system based on the blockchain technology.

BitRush will offer online publishers and merchants the possibility to use our CGPS to accept regular currency and cryptocurrency as a payment method. BitRush has already tested its universal payments platform on micropayments for gaming and entertainment sites.

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BitRush AdServices lets you advertise online or offer your ad spaces using our advertising platform Adbit.biz.

Adbit.biz allows registered website publishers to serve automatic text, image or interactive media advertisements, that are targeted to a site’s audience. Ad spaces can be considered as a class of digital asset that constitute an important revenue source for publishers. Adbit.biz operates self-directed and fully automated auctions. Adbit.biz advertisement services are much cheaper and more effective than traditional “moderated” systems, such as Google AdSense. Therefore, we offer lower cost and higher ROI for advertisers.

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Start-It is a BitRush subsidiary designing and developing simple cryptographic games.

Start-It has developed its own gaming portal serving as a proof-of-concept to test the feasibility of the BitRush CGPS in online gaming and betting. The proof-of-concept lies in reliability, instant response rates, and security of the payment system.

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